Diamond NEXUS

Diamond NEXUS

Key Features

FORA Nexus IR30 Multi-Function Thermometer with Superb measurement technology.
Designed with simplicity in mind and comes with exciting new features, built for speed,
accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability.

● Contactless Multi-Function Thermometer
● Large Display with Backlight
● Fever Alert with Red Light Indication
● Object Surface Measurement
● 20 Memory Capacity
● Reading Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit


Dimension & Weight 151.5 x 55 x 41 mm, 74g (include batteries)
Power Source 2 x 1.5 V AAA alkaline batteries
Displayed temperature range Forehead: 32°C to 43°C (89.6°F to 109.4°F)
Object: 0°C to 100°C (32°F to 199.9°F)
Display resolution 0.1 °F/0.1°C
±0.2°C (±0.36°F) from 36.0°C (96.8°F) to 39.0°C (102.2°F)
±0.3°C (±0.54°F) from 32.0°C (89.6°F) to 35.9°C (96.6°F) and from 39.1°C (102.4°F) to 43.0°C ( 109.4°F)
FOR OBJECT MODE ± 1°C (±2°F) from 0°C (32°F) to 100°C (199.9°F)
Temperature unit °C or °F
Operating temperature range 16°C to 40°C (60.8°F to 104°F)
Operating humidity 95% RH or less
Storage temperature range -25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
Storage humidity 95% RH or less
Memory capacity 20 measurements

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