TeleHealth Solution

TeleHealth Solution

Total Patient Management Solution

Bridge the Gap Between Physicians Care and Diabetes Self Management

FORA TeleHealth System offers patients better access to their health data and allows care providers to remotely monitor the patient’s health conditions via the internet. The software accurately collects data in digital format and incorporates it into a digital record that can be transmitted securely. Patients, family, care providers and consultants can easily analyse the health record remotely and respond efficiently


Mobility Solutions  

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Feeling Great!

FORA TeleHealth Mobile Solution is a smart way of connecting the blood glucose meter results to the FORA TeleHealth Software via cutting-edge technologies including “iOS” and “Android” mobile systems. It is small in size and fits right into your active lifestyle; the perfect platform to share and update your current progress with your family, doctors and care providers for a more in-depth diabetes care-plan analysis.


Benefits Of Remote Patient Monitoring  (RPM)


Improve an individual’s quality of life, Allows patients to maintain independence, Prevent complications, Minimize personal costs. Facilitates these goals by delivering care right to the home. In addition patients and their family members feel comfort knowing that they are being monitored and will be supported if a problem arises The Time saved as a result of RPM implementation increases efficiency and allows Healthcare Providers to allocate more time to remotely educate and communicate with patient



Self Management

Mobile Solutions


  • Instant data upload; anywhere and anytime
  • Easy glucose testing; smart, portable and extremely capable

•Fits your active lifestyle
• Immediate updates on diabetes control progress
• The perfect platform to share with your loved ones

• Real-time results to caregivers
• Patient health record management
• Extends care beyond regular visits through remote monitoring